quarta-feira, 19 de abril de 2006

500 Anos

19 de Abril de 1506 – 19 de Abril de 2006

Depois do que foi dito, nada melhor do que lembrar estas palavras para traduzir alguns silêncios que se tornam ensurdecedores:

«What the world expects of Christians is that Christians should speak out loud and clear, and that they should voice their condemnation in such a way that never a doubt, never the slightest doubt, could rise in the heart of the simplest man. That they should get away from abstraction and confront the blood-stained face history has taken on today. The grouping we need is a grouping of men resolved to speak out clearly and to pay up personally. When a Spanish bishop blesses political executions, he ceases to be a Christian or even a man; he is a dog just like the one who, backed by an ideology, orders that execution without doing the dirty work himself. We are still waiting, and I am waiting, for a grouping of all those who refuse to be dogs and are resolved to pay the price that must be paid so that men can be something more than a dog.»
Albert Camus, discurso proferido num mosteiro dominicano, 1948

Destaco alguns judeus, deuses literários:
Isaac Asimov, Max Aub, Paul Auster, Saul Bellow, Edgar L. Doctorow, Nadine Gordimer, Franz Kafka, Norman Mailer, David Mamet, Arthur Miller, Michel de Montaigne, Boris Pasternak, Harold Pinter, Marcel Proust, Philip Roth, J. D. Salinger, Susan Sontag, Leon Uris, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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